Meet the parents - Keona and Ethan

Ethan and I.V's Keona Nalani (God's Gracious Gift/Calmness of the Heavens), also known as Keona, anticipate a litter in mid-October 2016.

Ethan is an Alaskan Malamute.  More information on Ethan will be provided soon.

Keona likes to stay close to Carla, preferably in the house.  Carla knows she wants to play when she puts her hind quarters in the air and shuffles her front paws, followed by a very attentive look and a bark that lets Carla know she's just waiting for the fun to begin.  She enjoys lots of petting, love and belly rubs.  Keona will sit for hours if someone is petting her. She also loves to be brushed.  She is a very affectionate dog and desires nothing more than being with Carla, but not to the point of having separation anxiety.  Keona is a sensitive dog and it takes very little to keep her obedient...just a look will do it..  She is slightly standoffish at first meeting but it doesn't take her long to relax and enjoy the company.  She has an easy going personality and is calm in the house.


Indian Valley's Keona Nalani aka Keona
Indian Valley's Keona Nalani, aka "Keona"



Keona X Ethan

litter expected

mid-October 2016