The Native American Village Dog and Indian Valley Kennels

Indian Valley Kennels and the Native American Village Dog (NAVD) were founded by Carla Ferrier in 2006. Carla and several other breeders have worked diligently to provide families with beautiful and unique dogs that are highly intelligent and trainable, and embody the beauty of the wolf without wolf behavior. Our dogs make wonderful additions to the home; they bond strongly with their families and will bring many years of joy. We have attempted to create a dog that looks like the Native American dogs of the past such as the Plains, Common and Hare Indian dogs.

Puppies from Indian Valley Kennels are enjoying playing and cuddling with their families across the United States (including Alaska) and Canada. Click here to view a map showing where our dogs are located.

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About Native American Village Dogs

Combining the best traits of the Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, Chinook, and German Shepherd, the Native American Village Dog (NAVD) is a loyal and loving family pet, ideally suited to families with children. Extremely intelligent, calm, and happiest when in the company of family members, the NAVD is a northern dog that loves being outside. These dogs are very social animals who love to run and play, and are best suited to homes where there is a fenced yard and either a family member or another dog for company.

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