Breed characteristics and standards

Highly intelligent, sensitive, and fun-loving, the Native American Village Dog is a loyal family pet that is excellent with children.

The Native American Village Dog (NAVD) is a blend of Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, and Chinook. This produces a breed that is wolf-like in looks but with the loyal and loving characteristics of dogs that have been well-socialized with humans. Double-coated, they have webbed feet to aid in swimming and running through snow. NAVDs love to spend time with their families, especially those with young children. NAVDs are a good choice for people with allergies and/or asthma, but it is always best to test with a hair sample.

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Physical Characteristics

Coat is short, medium ( plush), or long ( woolly) with a dense heavy undercoat that sheds heavily once a year and not as heavy again in the early fall. Some shedding the rest of the year and no "doggy" odor. Eye color is light to dark amber, light to dark brown, golden, yellow, hazel or grey. Feet are webbed. Expressive eyes, medium long to long triangular shaped heads, wide between the eyes extending down to a slender muzzle. Coat colors include black, black/white, black sables, white/grey, black sable tri-color, tortoise shell, black/tan, black/cream, black/red, black/silver, black/grey/white, blues, black/white/blue, steel blue (looks black but has a smoky hue to it), light blue/cream, broken patterned, spotted or any combination thereof.

Size: Medium to large
Avg. height (male): 25-28"
avg. weight (male): 65-96 lbs
Avg. height (female): 20-25"
avg. weight (female): 50-75 lbs
Appx. life span: 12-14 years


Intelligent, loyal, and excellent with children. Very people-focused, and are best suited to a household with another dog or a human who is around most of the day. Moderate exercise, but some can be active. Grooming is light. NAVDs shed heavily once a year and lightly in the fall. Brushing once or twice a week is recommended.  No doggy odor. These dogs are recommended for people who may have asthma or allergies - a hair sample or kennel visit is recommended before purchase.

exercise: Moderate
grooming: Brush once or twice a week
Temperment: Intelligent, loyal, great with kids
Health issues: None to date. Healthy breed.
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